Expect Miracles: large and small, welcome them all

We have within us a miraculous power, and if we live our daily lives in mindfulness, if we take steps mindfully, with love and care, we can produce the miracle and transform our world into a miraculous place. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Once I started noticing the miracles in my life, they became almost too many to count. Large miracles are as likely as small ones and as I shift my focus from dark to light they appear more and more often.  If I let myself get down in the dumps and  focus on every discomfort and disappointment nothing comes but more of the same and the downward spiral begins. On the other hand, the moment I shift my view to the higher vibration of  being open to light and love, just the tiniest crack even, quite suddenly if my eyes are open the miracles appear to me. From little ones like finding a precious lost earring to huge ones like selling our home the first day on the market. When I add the power of gratitude to the mix, I manifest even more and greater miracles. So like most humans on this planet I move back and forth between times of expansion and times of contraction, times of blissful happiness and times when I struggle with all kinds of  dark thoughts. Ah, but the possibilities of decreasing the former and increasing the latter are unlimited, and by being mindful each and every day, my life is becoming so full of miracles that I cant’ help but share them!

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