Event April 20

Introduction to  Energy Medicine:  Tools for Self-Healing

With Lynne Marshall at Space for Spirit

Who is invited? Any woman who is interested in new ways to improve her life and fulfill her potential, or who has health, career or family issues to address — all of us!!

 Why would I come? To nurture body, mind and soul, to open to new possibilities, and to discover new hope and opportunities for your future. You will enjoy this time in a safe and pleasant place, lifting your consciousness and learning new skills for healing and personal growth.

What will I learn? An overview of chakras, auras and meridians; the power of the mind and the law of attraction; the four levels of the whole self and the healing power of CMT (cellular memory transformation); plus actual practice with the tools of qigong, meditation, and meridian tapping.

 When?                           Monday,  April 20,  1.00 – 4.00 pm

Where?                          88 Maria Street, Penetanguishene

How much?                 Only $30 for this introductory workshop — a $60 value.

To register,  Call 705-241-7464

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