Grief Recovery

The Many Faces of Grief

Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disturbance, brain fog, or unexpected outbursts of anger or tears? If you do, and the reason why is not readily obvious, then the cause of your problem is quite likely unresolved grief. For many reasons you may have been unable to process the loss when it happened, and the grief has been waiting in every cell of your body for the right time to be healed.

Have you been struck hard by a recent loss? You know what hit you, but the effects are way beyond anything you could have imagined! You may become immobilized, physically ill, mentally confused, and even give up the desire to go on living. I want you to know that these symptoms are normal. Your loss is real. You are not losing your mind, coming down with an illness, or clinically depressed. You are mourning the  loss of some one very important to you, who has had a major impact on your whole life. You have been metaphorically “hit by a truck” and the symptoms are a healthy human response to the trauma.

Grief can effect us in so many ways that we often think it is something else, and never deal with it or get the right help. And even when we are clear about the cause, we don’t fully understand what’s happening to us;  that this journey of grief will take us places we have never been and that we will never be the same again.

I have traveled this journey myself and come through it a different and better person. The  experience also instilled in me a deep passion and commitment to help others who are suffering. This work is unbelievably rewarding as I see hope bring light to dim eyes, and renewed energy bring vitality back to depleted bodies and souls.

Here is where I plan to share some of what I know about grief recover; the tools, as well as the theory, with real life illustrations. I have both read and studied with many experts and I will do my best to acknowledge each as I go. I hope you will send me your questions so I can speak directly to what you are dealing with, and focus my posts accordingly.

Meanwhile, please remember that you are not alone. And believe me when I say that some day you will discover that the loss and the grief are a kind of gift, a part of your journey that had to happen for your body and soul to become balanced.


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