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Grief Group in Barrie starts November 16

Grief Recovery: A Supportive Journey 

Do you have unresolved grief? Continue reading “Grief Group in Barrie starts November 16”

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Grief Recovery

The Power of The Group: Q & A

You may think that joining a grief recovery or bereavement support group may not be for you or you may be worried that it’s not the right time or place for you to participate with others in such a private journey. The truth is that everyone I know who has ever participated in a group program has only positive things to say about the experience. Comments like: ” I was anxious at first, but so glad I stayed”, ” It was so good to hear others talk … and realize I’m not alone”, “I finally found myself again”, ” I felt safe in the group and Lynne helped me feel comfortable sharing,” “I learned that my ‘crazy’s were normal, what a relief”, I’m using my coping tools and they work,” I didn’t realize how isolated I had been.” No regrets and so many benefits. At the same time, you probably have lots of questions so I’ll try and answer some of them…. Continue reading “The Power of The Group: Q & A”

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Two (2) places left for Spring course for Women

Reinventing: Six Weeks to a More Meaningful Life.

Are you feeling stuck in your business, your home, your relationships? Are you worried about or fed up with your retirement life? Boost your business, change your career, become more creative, find your life companion, or move to your paradise. You have the right to, and the responsibility for, a truly meaningful life. This 6-week experience is for women who are open to and eager for the next stage, the new chapter in their lives.

This course will consist of four day-long workshops, addressing the four key steps towards renewing and recreating yourself: I) Rediscovering who you are 2) Finding out what you really want, 3) Exploring pathways to attract and achieve what you want, and 4) Manifesting results through action and attraction! The course is spread over 6 weeks, with two-weeks between each day-long workshop to integrate and to receive individual coaching.

Schedule:            Fridays,  9.30 – 4.30 ,  May 6,  May 20,  June 3rd and June 17th.

Group size is limited to 8 women, which allows for customizing each day to more effectively meet your individual needs and goals – from a possible new vocation to finding more creativity, from enjoying meaningful volunteer work to shifting the quality of relating to others. You may wish to create a more active, busy lifestyle, or alternatively, let go of most of your obligations to focus on something dear to your heart. This is the time and place to make it happen!

The total cost for the course is $390, which includes all materials PLUS three half-hour phone coaching sessions ($150 bonus).


This course is built on my many years of professional experience as a training consultant, counselor/healer, and group facilitator; and more importantly on my own journey of personal survival, growth and reinventing myself.

It will include innovative applications of many experiential methods that will keep the work exciting and effective, as well as optional homework and individual coaching to keep you on the path between sessions. I will bring to it my boundless enthusiasm and heartfelt commitment.

Please give me a call or email if you feel this opportunity may be right for you.


info@spaceforspirit.ca, 705-241-7464


My Love Offering Discount

Three slots left for TLC for you!

Here’s a reminder about the $40% discount on all my one-on-one services: counselling, energy work, phone appointments and gift certificates. Available until February 15. Give me a call and see what you can choose for as little as $30. Blessings for warm loving light on this wintery week.

Lynne – 705-241-7464