Mindful Movement Classes!!

Qigong classI’m offering a free class in MINDFUL MOVEMENT the third Tuesday of every month (except August and December), starting May 19th.  All classes are at the CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre at 845 King Street in Midland.

The class runs from 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. with a break in the middle. So you can start at 4.00 or at 5.00 o’clock, and take just one of the sections or both, depending on your schedule.

Mindful Movement is a series of easy exercises that combine the principles of Mindful Meditation with the ancient art of Qigong. No experience is required, no floor work, can even be done seated. Call if you’d like more information. So many benefits! 705-241-7464.


Event April 20

Introduction to  Energy Medicine:  Tools for Self-Healing

With Lynne Marshall at Space for Spirit

Who is invited? Any woman who is interested in new ways to improve her life and fulfill her potential, or who has health, career or family issues to address — all of us!!

 Why would I come? To nurture body, mind and soul, to open to new possibilities, and to discover new hope and opportunities for your future. You will enjoy this time in a safe and pleasant place, lifting your consciousness and learning new skills for healing and personal growth.

What will I learn? An overview of chakras, auras and meridians; the power of the mind and the law of attraction; the four levels of the whole self and the healing power of CMT (cellular memory transformation); plus actual practice with the tools of qigong, meditation, and meridian tapping.

 When?                           Monday,  April 20,  1.00 – 4.00 pm

Where?                          88 Maria Street, Penetanguishene

How much?                 Only $30 for this introductory workshop — a $60 value.

To register,  Call 705-241-7464


Seven Meditation Basics (adapted from Mindfulness Meditation)


  1. Environment: choose a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Make this a special time for yourself. As you respect it, so will others.
  2. Posture: best to sit with back strait, on chair or cross-legged. Be open, with hands resting comfortably. Eyes closed (though you may prefer softly open).

  3. Relaxation: become aware of each part of your body in succession, tensing on the in-breath and letting go on the out-breath. Move from the scalp down to your toes (or you may prefer the other way around). Pay attention to the tension, and keep dropping deeper into your seat.

  4. Breath: notice the breath going in and out, warm and cool. Don’t try to control it, but allow your abdomen and diaphragm muscles to release. You breath may become slower and shallower as the relaxation response slows you down.
  5. Mantras: choose a word or sound to focus on, repeating it silently in time with your breathing. Alternatively, you may wish to focus on a candle flame, or just your breath.
  6. Non-Judgement: whenever you begin to question if you are doing it “right”, notice that and remind yourself there is no right way, only what is happening now. Simply bring your attention back to your breath and/or your mantra, over and over again.

  7. Practice: any habit can be developed if done regularly every day for 3-4 weeks. Short sessions often (at least daily, if not 2-3 times a day, for 3-20 minutes) will bring better results than a few irregular long sessions . As you continue in this way, you will naturally grow accustomed and not want to miss your meditation.

Meditation: On Four Planes

Meditation: On Four Planes

As I was thinking about what meditation does for me, the usual answers came up like “relaxed” “centered”, “blissed out”, “clarity” “oneness” “all-pervading love”, “pain-free”, not-to-mention “disturbing insights”.  Then came the question “But how does this come about, how do different techniques help bring about these outcomes”?  Well the answer or answers certainly won’t be simple, but as soon as I remembered how we work with energy for healing on four progressive planes – the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, everything became clearer. Aha! Perhaps intentionally opening to awareness on each plane will enhance our practice, so here are some initial thoughts about optimizing all four planes.

The Physical Plane: We are taught to use progressive relaxation in preparation for meditation, relaxing each muscle group in turn. All of this and more we do to tune into our body selves, the first vibrational plane, and if you add the intention of noticing any tension or pain in the body field along with the desire to release it, expect miracles.

The Emotional Plane: When it comes to emotions, I find we are most likely to not be aware; or alternatively, to consciously shut them down. This is a practical means to protect ourselves from overwhelm, so you might ask for safety for your emotional field, to open the door just a crack, or even to begin to let go of the obstacle of fear. Then relax and expect miracles.

The Mental Plane: Generally, meditation guidelines focus on this plane, quieting the mind and moving to the vantage of observer. When we focus on breath, it combines the physical and the mental (naturally engaging the emotional feeling self as well). The use of a mantra helps keep the mind at a still point. When you take a moment to address current worries of the mind, to acknowledge them and set intention to find answers or to release them, expect miracles.

The Spiritual Plane: Here’s where the real power, the pay-off, comes. When you set the intention to be open to others in non-judging and to connect with your highest self and higher power, to sense the love in and all around you, expect miracles.

Aha! In Mindful Movement (Qigong-based Meditation), I start every session with these four intentions – starting with Physical through Emotional and Mental to Spiritual, the highest vibrational plane. Now it is all coming together!


Morning Miracle


Be open to the signs, because you never know when spirit is going to send you a wee blessing that will turn your day around. On the morning of April 9 the snow banks were still high and I was pretty low when I went out on the front veranda to ask for a glimmer of cheer.  There she was less than four inches small, a tiny garden fairy/angel that I hadn’t noticed in the fall when we moved in, appearing out of the dirty snow bank — and with a butterfly on her knee just in case I needed a stronger symbol of hope. I immediately felt a shimmer go through my body and my eyes filled with tears at the sight of  this simple sign of hope and renewal.


Expect Miracles: large and small, welcome them all

We have within us a miraculous power, and if we live our daily lives in mindfulness, if we take steps mindfully, with love and care, we can produce the miracle and transform our world into a miraculous place. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Once I started noticing the miracles in my life, they became almost too many to count. Large miracles are as likely as small ones and as I shift my focus from dark to light they appear more and more often.  If I let myself get down in the dumps and  focus on every discomfort and disappointment nothing comes but more of the same and the downward spiral begins. On the other hand, the moment I shift my view to the higher vibration of  being open to light and love, just the tiniest crack even, quite suddenly if my eyes are open the miracles appear to me. From little ones like finding a precious lost earring to huge ones like selling our home the first day on the market. When I add the power of gratitude to the mix, I manifest even more and greater miracles. So like most humans on this planet I move back and forth between times of expansion and times of contraction, times of blissful happiness and times when I struggle with all kinds of  dark thoughts. Ah, but the possibilities of decreasing the former and increasing the latter are unlimited, and by being mindful each and every day, my life is becoming so full of miracles that I cant’ help but share them!


Grief Recovery Group– Starting Tuesday Evening, April 22

Whether you are newly bereaved or you have been carrying the weight for many years, whether you are young or old, male or female, whether or not you are religious, you may benefit from joining this group.

For many years Hospice Huronia has been offering this series in spring and in fall. We come together in a small group once a week for eight weeks to learn about the challenging and mysterious effects of grief and to work together to alleviate the pain, the blocks, and the confusion. We talk, we listen, we learn, we laugh and sometimes cry. It is a safe place to explore your grief and learn ways to move through it and forward. It is led by experienced men and women who are honored to do this work as volunteers.

This spring I am one of the facilitators for the group and I will be glad to answer any questions or to make an appointment for a compassionate and confidential pre-registration interview.  Please use the contact form and I will respond as soon as possible.