dsc_0048I am a Trauma, Loss and Relationship Counselor and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  It seems I’ve been preparing to do this work all my life – beginning in my childhood with my eldest-of-six’s urge to nurture, through to my career as a training consultant and adult educator.  In my own recovery journey I studied the methods of traditional psychotherapy, the Twelve Steps, Native Healing Circles, The Enneagram and much more. Then, in 2005, moved by a family tragedy, I finally realized my true vocation as a healer.

My qualifications include an M.A. in Sociology/Psychology; Diplomas in Spiritual Healing and Advanced Energy Medicine; Master Level Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch III, plus a lifetime of experience as survivor, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

I continually study in this expanding field, always seeking to help as many as possible to find the healing and fulfillment that’s been given to me.