Feedback from Clients

Thanks , Lynne … and also for your influence.  I would never have realized that I wanted or needed to lead a study group if it weren’t for your guidance in our Reinventing Yourself workshops.”Grace, retired teacher

“Lynne creates a comfortable and safe place to facilitate my personal growth. Her strong intuitive abilities play a key role in identifying issues. I truly value her services.”
– Frances D., Financial Consultant

“I was suffering badly with pain in my abdomen that I’d had for months. After one energy treatment with Lynne I was virtually pain-free…, and weeks later it has not returned.”
– Jack S., runner and parts man

“Thank you for such a wonderful, enlightening session this morning. The environment you provided made me feel extremely relaxed and safe and able to focus on what I needed to address. I would recommend your services highly to anyone needing your special touch”
– Sefi Held, Yoga/Fitness Instructor

“When I came to see Lynne she was very kind and compassionate. I felt comfortable talking with her about the loss of my son because she was able to understand how this loss felt.”
– Brigitte Pike, designer

“Thank you for helping me when I really needed it. I will certainly come back to see you again.”
– Margaret Ramsay, retired businesswoman

“You have been a catalyst to my deepest level of healing. … Thank you so much! ”
– Angela, RMT


Reinvention Group 2016: What Participants Said

Please describe three or more positive changes that you’ve experienced since the group started. Be as specific as possible. Think about your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

Debbie: Realize I can go after my dreams – at ay time. The universe will give me what I need and people who can help me do that. That I can redirect negative and old ways of thinking- through tapping, breathing. I loved the vision boards – I now know I am valuable to society, I have great gifts to share. People appreciate what I do offer. I have really been able to release negative thoughts & thinking from my old life, be open to the universe and what it sends me – people and directions. It is important for me to trust and follow my intuition.

Jill:  More focused on the goals I am working towards – I have a written plan I a support group to help me get my dreams accomplished. Mentally I feel as though I have more clarity & also more tools to fall back on if I begin to feel overwhelmed. Physically/mentally/spiritually I have exercises for clearing my head & also Qigong exercises to work with for improving my energy flow.

Grace: I faced my habit of putting people on a pedestal I’m positive now that I can move ahead on my path & felt totally supported by the facilitator and the others in the group. I now have a direction to head in with small doable steps to take along the way.

Susan: This course allowed me to move beyond my safety boundaries. I am excited to finally begin another path in my life. Confidence.

Eileen: I feel mentally clearer, more focused. Searching, but also a sense of impatience; not with professional “outcome” but with day to day activities. I want “done” as my bottom line! I feel a clear sense of direction now and feel like diligently pursuing my goal!

Dianne: I am now looking at two areas of my life that I need to move forward on. A very close, friendly group – felt comfortable talking, sharing.

Nicole: More grounded. Less chaotic. Happier. Hopeful for a future I will love. I now have a number of coping tools, planning tools, decision-making tools, etc.

Would you recommend this program to others?

Debbie: Most definitely Yes. I will return as well.

Jill: Yes.

Grace: Definitely!!

Susan: Definitely

Eileen: Absolutely and I do.

Nicole: Yes.

Dianne: Yes.

What might you say to encourage someone else to attend?

Debbie: for anyone who is struggling to find themselves – especially if they are starting from scratch (divorce, a death, etc.). A safe place to heal. A fantastic opportunity to make new friendships & bond with powerful women. I came to really look forward to being there – and taking a day just for me – positive, empowering environment.

Jill: It is a wonderful opportunity to discover more about yourself and your dreams & work on your life goals in a safe and supportive environment.

Grace: Take Lynne’s course! You’ll learn so much about yourself, your wants and needs, your goals and how to attain them, all from a spiritual energy perspective.

Susan: If you are stuck, not sure what you want to do with your life. It will help you to highlight what it is that you are truly looking for in life.

Eileen: An opportunity for growth, emotionally and spiritually. A positive experience in focusing and attaining a goal. Self introspection.

Dianne: for any person looking for fulfillment of dreams, yearning for spiritual guidance in their life.

Nicole: Talk with Lynne! It’s worth your time because you deserve to take time for yourself to build a life you love. She’ll walk you through the challenges and encourage the change you want.

Any other comments or questions?

Debbie: Please plan other session – it would be awesome to connect with our group again – but I am open to where the universe sends me & who comes my way. Love you Lynne – thanks so much for all your efforts and love. I especially enjoyed the resources you offered – books, tapping, Qi Gong. Especially loved the phone support… and refreshments!… also, the love and energy you bring to the experience.

Jill: Thank you so much for offering this course & bringing it to my attention &providing the opportunity for this very diverse group of strong women to grow and reinvent themselves.

Grace: I liked the “small steps at a time” theme, but also that you didn’t allow us to stand still. The gentle prodding was appreciated. Also grateful for your encouragement and enthusiasm, as well as your flexibility. The course was well-crafted and executed. I’m glad we will continue meeting.

Susan: I would love to critique to help you, but as you know, you need to change nothing. I found [the day] went quickly and you kept it interesting and flowing. No one person monopolized the time.

Eileen: You’re great!  I have a hard time describing to anyone who you are because you are so multi-faceted! Thanks to Brian too [Lynne’s husband who helps maintain our environment] and the Healing Back Pain book.

Dianne: Really enjoyed the program – got a lot from it. Really liked the individual [coaching] calls.

Nicole: Can’t thank you enough Lynne.