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Classes and Workshops


Lynne has been leading a gentle, meditative exercise class for many years. It evolved from her training in Qigong and her desire to bring Mindfulness Meditation into her practice. The result is a fun and effective way to bring real benefits to body, mind and spirit. She calls it “Mindful Movements”. A weekly class is currently running at Parkview Centre (see events) that is 60 minutes long, and classes can be adapted for 45, or 90 minutes duration.

Plans are afoot for a Qigong/Meditation “Mindful Movements” class for everyone over 9 years of age – college students, teens and tweenies, parents, seniors and sitters. Watch for announcements in the New Year.

Lynne is passionate about sharing this simple and powerful practice, so please let her know of any schools or groups that would be in sponsoring a class.


Workshops are special events at Space for Spirit, a time for learning and fun and healing. Lynne was a training and curriculum design consultant long before reinventing herself as a holistic therapist and she brings her experience and enthusiasm to every workshop group. You will find a variety of creative and inspiring elements in these workshops to address different learning styles and also nourish mind, body, and spirit. A time of personal reflection and growth plus fellowship with like-minded people.

The list of likely workshop topics include:

  • Bereavement and Grief for Survivors
  • Training sessions in a Three- Stage Model for grief counselors and volunteers
  • Women’s workshops for Reinvention – a series to manifest meaningful change
  • The EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Method
  • Developing Energy-based meditation practice, such as the “Energy for Life” series
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Mind Mapping and Creativity

Lynne can design a custom workshop experience for your business or community group. Think about it and let her know your ideas!

Upcoming workshops are described in the Events section.


Lynne is confident and entertaining as a presenter, having lots of experience in front of audiences large and small. She shares honestly about her own struggles and victories and creates opportunities for audience involvement. Any topic that aims for personal health, happiness, and prosperity is in her repertoire; for example:

  • Energy for Ageless Living
  • Boosting your Business with Visualization, Intention and Motivation
  • Making Marriage Work
  • Tapping Your Way to Nirvana
  • Qigong for Every Day, Every Bump in the Road

Contact Lynne to talk about what she can do for your group or organization.