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Grief Group in Barrie starts November 16

Grief Group starts November 16 in Barrie

Space is limited so call soon! Details below.


Fall/Winter 2016

  1. Counselling and Energy Work
  2. Grief Recovery: Presentation Nov 9 PLUS Group starting Nov 16
  3. Qigong and Meditation: Mindful Movements for Health and Happiness
  4. Energy Medicine 101: Tools for Self-Healing
  5. Reinvention: Six Weeks to a More Meaningful Life
  6. Property Magnetizing: Beyond Listing and Staging


1. Counselling and Energy Work

Sessions are now available in both Midland and Barrie . Clients can come to either location or schedule sessions by phone or skype. If and when you are in distress, please do not hesitate to call at any hour to enquire about how I can help you or just for support.


2. Grief Recovery

Surprised by Grief: Insights and Tools for Grief Recovery

A Presentation at the Yoga Room, 44B Dunlop Street East

November 9, from 7.30 – 9.00 p.m.

We are never prepared when grief strikes. The aftereffects can be intense and traumatic, hitting us in ways we could never have guessed. We tend to forget that death and loss area natural and inevitable part of life. Fortunately, we can learn to navigate the grief journey and come out the other side surprised by hope, and even joy.

In this presentation, you will learn about principles and skills that will help you cope with your own past or anticipated losses and also more effectively support others in their grief. There will be time for group discussion as well as opportunities to experience some of the ways you can respond to grief situations.

Call ahead to reserve your seat. 705-792-5960. Suggested offering of $10.

Grief Recovery: A Supportive Journey 

Do you have unresolved grief? Are you dispirited? Often when we have problems like sleep issues, anxiety, chronic pain, irritability, or relationship problems, we don’t realize there are underlying causes that are rooted in old or recent losses.

This five-week program is for those who are suffering the effects of the death of a friend or family member. The loss may have occurred recently or many years ago. It doesn’t matter. If reminders and memories still trouble you, it’s time to find solutions. Lynne interviews every member of the group ahead of time and ensures a safe environment where you will receive the support and learning you need to move ahead step by step to a new future.

Wednesday evenings 6.00 – 8.00, starting November 16 for 5 weeks

At the Yoga Room, 44B Dunlop Street East.

The fee is $150 incl., or $120 before November 9. Full refund within 7 days of start date.

If you are wondering if this group may be right for you, just give me a call to discuss the possibilities.  I am happy to answer all your questions. 705-241-7464.


3. Qigong and Meditation: Mindful Movements for Health and Happiness 

In Midland, November 24 and December 22 from 10.30 – 12.00. Call for directions and to reserve your place: 705-241-7464.

TBA, upcoming classes in Barrie, on a weekly basis in the new year.

Lynne has been leading these classes for nearly a decade and they are among her favorite things: sharing the simple and powerful principles and exercises that bring such surprising results. Qigong is her go-to-medicine whether it’s to bring up her energy, bring calm to a stressful day, or deal with a health problem.

These classes blend the basics of meditation with the ancient art of Qigong (Chi Kung) and other energy work. With simple guided movements, you will learn to utilize the subtle energies in and around you for increased health and happiness. They bring harmony and balance to body, mind, and spirit. Participants report greater awareness of their bodies and reduced pain and anxiety. You will find Mindful Movements a good complement to your Yoga or Tai Chi practice; or in the event that you are restricted from more rigorous exercise they are an easy alternative.

The class is 90 minutes long, with a blend of gentle standing movements that can even be done sitting, guided visualization, and sitting meditation. No experience is needed.

Watch for upcoming blogs about these powerful and accessible practices on this site.

4. Energy Medicine 101: Tools for Self-Healing

This is a one-day workshop that is offered a few times a year. Watch for announcements or enquire if you are interested. Includes practice in EFT (tapping), Qigong, Meditation, visualization, and intuitive development. Lynne will also present this topic as a short inspirational talk to your group or association to highlight this growing wellness field with humour and enthusiasm.

5. Reinvention: Six Weeks to a More Meaningful Life

Hungarian dolls

You are Unique!

Due to the unqualified success of its trial run in May 2016, this unique COURSE FOR WOMEN will be offered again in 2017 in Barrie, Ontario.

Perhaps you’ve thought about reinventing yourself, adding a new chapter to the story of your life. I have done it myself with great success and am now inspired to provide the opportunity for other women to experience the vitality and freedom that comes from doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

This course will consist of four, day-long workshops, addressing the four key steps towards renewing and recreating yourself: I) Rediscovering who you are 2) Finding out what you really want, 3) Exploring pathways to attract and achieve what you want, and 4) Manifesting results through action and attraction! The course is spread over 6 weeks, with two-weeks between each day-long workshop to integrate and to receive individual coaching.

The small group size allows for  each day-long workshop to more effectively meet your individual needs and goals – from a possible new vocation to finding more creativity, from enjoying meaningful volunteer work to shifting the quality of relating to others. You may wish to create a more active, busy lifestyle, or alternatively, let go of most of your obligations to focus on something dear to your heart. This is the time and place to make it happen!

Alternate Fridays,  9.30 – 4.30               January 6,  January20, February 3 and February 17.

The total cost for the course is $390, which includes all materials PLUS three, half-hour phone coaching sessions ($150 bonus).

This course is built on my many years of professional experience as a training consultant, counselor/healer, and group facilitator; and more importantly on my own journey of personal survival, growth and reinventing myself. It will include innovative applications of many experiential methods that will keep the work exciting and effective, as well as optional homework and individual coaching to keep you on the path between sessions. I will bring to it my boundless enthusiasm and heartfelt commitment.

Please contact me to discuss if this may be right for you.

6. Property Magnetizing: Beyond Listing and Staging

Using energy and extreme intuition to assist in selling property is a gift that has been imposing itself on me over the years. Finally I am making it part of my practice, and will do a complementary diagnosis on site or electronically for anyone who is feeling stuck or uncertain about the selling of their residential or business property. After the initial diagnosis, you have the option to schedule a comprehensive plan of action and discuss fees. As with all my services, satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are wondering why you are having trouble attracting the right buyer, or  finding a new place to move to, then you may wish to consider my property magnetizing service.


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