Drop-in Classes – Mindful Movements

Drop-In Classes: Mindful Movements

Qigong class“Energize your body, calm your mind, lift your spirit!”
• On Thursday mornings from 10am – 11am
• At Parkview Centre, 189 Blake Street, Barrie
• For men and women 55 or over. Any level of fitness.
• Fee is $2.65 for Non-Members
• Free for members of Parkview Allandale Seniors,

This is a gentle class that combines principles of Mindfulness Meditation with Qigong (Energy Work). Simple movements are done standing or seated, move with your breath. Easier than yoga or tai chi!

Its many benefits include:

– relief of pain,
– overcoming anxiety
– increasing energy to overcome tiredness and low mood
– improved balance and mobility
– higher level of mental acuity and focus
– enjoying the fellowship of the group

Lynne has led these classes for over a decade and is trained in Mindfulness Meditation and Qigong. Leading these classes, with the assistance of her husband Brian, is a highlight of her week.

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