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Trauma and PTSD

PTSD has become a well-known term but generally is still not well understood. The aftereffects of a traumatic incident, when not processed and healed at the time, can cause serious problems for years to come. These problems will manifest on all vibrational levels: physical, emotional, mental and social/spiritual. Even when your trauma is perceived as relatively insignificant – like seeing your turtle crushed by a car when you were 4 – those wounds will be held in all the cells of your body and can have serious repercussions.

If you have been suffering with symptoms of PTSD or have unresolved traumatic experiences that still bother you, please do not despair. Lynne’s approach, of which many aspects are shared by other holistic practitioners, will usually bring immediate relief from your worst symptoms and in due time lead to complete healing. I know this is true because I experienced it myself personally and have helped others achieve the same.

“I feel like I’ve got my life back again” – Client C.M.


Whether you are suffering from recent or old grief, you can be rest assured that there is hope for recovery. It’s true that you can’t get back what you’ve lost, things will never be the same again; however, with some patience and support you will, be able to move forward to a new chapter of your life, to a “new normal”. This can be done with relative grace and ease when the right ingredients come together. Sometimes as few as three sessions are enough to arrive at a place of peace where remembering is more sweet than bitter.

Lynne’s approach to therapy is holistic and integrative. Methods and modalities will be selected from her Toolkit to best suit your preferences and needs at the time. The individual grief recovery work is often enhanced by being part of a group as well.

“When I came to see Lynne she was very kind and compassionate. I felt comfortable talking with her about the loss of my son because she was able to understand how this loss felt.”
– Client B. P.

Relationship Problems

Our connections with others are crucial to our well-being and identity, so when a relationship falls apart or is in jeopardy it rocks our world. When you are hurting because your marriage is in trouble or you have a rift with your child, parent, friend or co-worker, there is nothing wrong with reaching out for professional help. Loneliness is one of the most painful human conditions. Sometimes having a sounding board, to be heard and mirrored by a compassionate and perceptive listener, is enough to turn things around. Sometimes you will discover that it is not even about you, that your role is to simply take the high road and wait patiently until it passes. Other times there is a wrong to right or some missing ingredients need to be addressed. You may need to get clearer about your own identity, set better boundaries, or learn some communication and assertiveness skills.  Often old family patterns and issues are the source of the problem. Regardless, working to improve our relationships – with ourselves, and others – is a worthy venture.

Lynne’s approach with her range of modalities and the empowering skills she has to offer from The Toolkit are here for you.

“When I learned to talk openly with my husband, and ask him to share stuff with me, everything changed. Conversation works! Thank you, Lynne.” – N. Z.

Anxiety and Depression

With the natural stress and complexity of our personal lives combined with the sociopolitical troubles highlighted in the news, it is little wonder that so many are suffering with anxiety or depression and sometimes both! What we all want is to stay centered, clear-minded and good-spirited with plenty of energy to move through the day with grace and ease. Often relief can be found with lifestyle changes, cognitive therapies, or medication. More often, however, the problem is more deep-seated and stems from unresolved trauma, grief or relationship issues.

It is possible to overcome the worst cases of panic-stricken anxiety or numbing depression.   Lynne’s approach takes into account the uniqueness of each individual’s history and addresses all four energy aspects – the physical, emotional, mental and social/spiritual. The ultimate goal is for you to become empowered and you will have good tools to choose from The toolkit.

“I was concerned that my fear of flying and generalized anxiety would keep me from my daughter’s venue wedding.  After I worked with Lynne to heal past issues, and began to use,  EFT tapping, I made it onto the plane with only a little trepidation for a wonderful wedding with  great pictures to prove it!” –  H. D.

Chronic Pain and Health Conditions

Chronic pain and health conditions can be relieved and even eradicated by a combination of complementary therapies. Lynne has experienced this herself and helped others discover the miraculous changes that happen when energy-based therapies and lifestyle changes are applied.

Lynne’s approach
is multi-pronged to bring shifts to body, mind and spirit in an integrated manner. Through experience and intuition she will apply the modality best suited to your particular condition and choose with you special take-away skills from The Toolkit.

“I was suffering badly with pain in my abdomen that I’d had for months. After one energy treatment with Lynne I was virtually pain-free…, and weeks later it has not returned.” – Client J. S.