Reinvention: Six Weeks to a More Meaningful Life

A Proven-Successful Workshop Series for Women

Scheduled over 6 Weeks with personal coaching and 4 bi-weekly workshops.
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You are unique, and have many choices! Perhaps you’ve thought about reinventing yourself, adding a new chapter to the story of your life. I have done it myself with great success and am now inspired to provide the opportunity for other women to experience the vitality and freedom that comes from doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

This course will consist of four, day-long workshops, addressing the four key steps towards renewing and recreating yourself: I) Rediscovering who you are 2) Finding out what you really want, 3) Exploring pathways for how to attract and achieve what you want, and 4) Manifesting results through action and attraction now! The course is spread over 6 weeks, with two-weeks between each day-long workshop to integrate and to receive individual coaching.

The small group size means that each aspect will more effectively meet your individual needs and goals. Past participants have broken out of the wrong jobs, changed careers, moved house, changed relationship patterns, launched creative pursuits and grown their businesses. You may wish to create a more active, busy lifestyle: or alternatively, let go of most of your obligations to focus on something dear to your heart. This is the time and place to make it happen!

The total price for the course is $490 ($450 for early-bird registration). This includes 4 full day workshops, 3 phone coaching sessions, a Course Binder, all materials and refreshments. The package is designed to provide the finest components for your reinvention journey.

This course is built on my many years of professional experience as a training consultant, counselor/healer, and group facilitator; and more importantly on my own journey of personal survival, growth and reinventing myself. It will include innovative applications of many experiential methods that will keep the work exciting and effective, as well as optional homework and individual coaching to keep you on the path between sessions. I will bring to it my boundless enthusiasm and heartfelt commitment.

“Take Lynne’s course! You’ll learn so much about yourself, your wants and needs, your goals and how to attain them, all from a spiritual energy perspective” Please see the Testimonials page for loads of comments from previous participants.

I look forward to hearing from you! Maybe this is for you….

Your questions are welcomed. Please send any questions and your phone number to Lynne as well as suggested times for her to call you. Use the form below, or text her at 705-241-7464.